About Us

Welcome to Frumpy Unicorn

Frumpy Unicorn is the brainchild of Web and Graphic Designer, Brian Preston. Brian lives with his wife and daughter in Blackfalds, AB, Canada. Everything you see here is part of a passion project to create a fun clothing store that makes people smile and laugh. We are a small business that has partnered with industry leading Print-On-Demand provider, Printful, which allows us to offer up our products on a global scale. We are very excited to continue to grow our brand and bring more fun and wacky designs to life. Thanks for stopping by!

Sustainable Fashion

Every year, humans produce over 13 million tons of textile waste. A significant portion of this can be attributed to clothing stock that is produced, but never sold. Instead of filling large warehouses with extra stock, Frumpy Unicorn chooses to follow the Print-On-Demand (POD) philosophy. When you place an order with us, it is immediately put into a production queue based on your geographical location. Our POD supplier, Printful, has fulfillment centres around the globe. Your garment is made to order using a printing technique called Direct-To-Garment. This means the ink is embedded directly into the fabric allowing for bright, vibrant colours that will stand the test of time.

By following this production methodology, we cut down on wasted textiles by only creating the products our customers have actually bought and intend to wear. Production and shipping times are fast, and garment creation typically completes within just a couple days of initial ordering. When you shop with Frumpy Unicorn you're helping keep fashion sustainable for the future.

Unique Designs

Our shirts usually start as crazy ideas from the mind of our founder, Brian Preston. Those ideas are then turned into a sketch and handed over to our in-house illustrator who brings them to life. Brian then creates the shirt layouts himself and makes everything available via our POD supplier, Printful.